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L iving in Alaska for our entire existence has taught us a few things about chores. Yeah, you know them. Whether it’s hauling water, moving snow, or hauling garbage. You do it at least twice a week. Hauling garbage was one we found to be a particular nuisance. And don’t act like you don’t hate doing too. Having to load up the week’s stockpile in a vehicle you would rather not have garbage in. Hoping the ravens don’t demolish it while you’re gone.

Hoping that it doesn’t fly out the back of your rig before you get to that place you don’t want to go too. We exist to take away that chore. To make sure that every Monday your garbage is gone. No matter what. I heard there is this mystical place where people set their garbage out in front of their house every week and it disappears. It’s called “within city limits” or “The lower 48”. Or your house… if you want. Embrace a little bit of first class living it’s cheaper than you think!

Central Garbage Collection

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