Frequently Asked Questions

1Does CGC service my area?
CGC services a 20 mile radius around the center of Fairbanks. Also, if you have received one of our flyers you are within our service radius!
2Do I have to pick up my Garbage Can after subscribing?
No, After subscribing CGC will deliver your garbage can within one – two days.
3About what time of day will CGC pick up my garbage?
Please have garbage ready for pick up by 9:00 A.M. every Monday to avoid missing our drivers.
4What if all of the garbage will not fit in the can provided?
All CGC employees are instructed to pick up all garbage within a 4-foot radius of the CGC containers. You are allowed One additional trash bag or large refuse item. Any additional bag(s) of trash or garbage of approximately that size will be subject to a $6.00 additional fee which will be due at the end of the month a notice will be provided a week in advance.
5What happens if I cancel my subscription?
Please have your garbage can ready for pick up on Monday. CGC will attempt to recover the garbage can twice. If the garbage can is unable to be recovered you will be subject to a fee of $57.00 dollars
6Where can I find the disposal guidelines?
You can find a PDF of the disposal guidelines at the bottom the “About Us” page Or in a video on the home page.
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